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President Joe Biden will deliver a commencement address for the 2024 graduating class of the United States Military Academy West Point on Saturday, May 25. The post Watch Live: Joe Biden Delivers Commencement Address at West Point appeared first on Breitb...Read More
Breitbart News: 2024-05-25 06:22:09
A 17-year-old has been arrested after a double stabbing on a Bournemouth beach left one woman dead and another hospitalised. The post 17-Year-Old Arrested After Double Stabbing on English Beach Leaves One Woman Dead and Another Hospitalised appeared first...Read More
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Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador claimed that this week’s outrage over the fatal shooting of a young boy during a failed kidnapping was manufactured as a way to hurt his government image due to the upcoming elections. The post Mexican Presid...Read More
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Ukrainian forces have secured "combat control" of areas where Russian troops entered the Kharkiv region earlier this month, Zelensky said. The post Zelensky Claims Ukraine Has Taken Back Control of Key Areas in Kharkiv appeared first on Breitbart. ...Read More
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The Labour Party will reportedly give 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote in one of its first acts if victorious in the general election. The post Labour Party to Give 16 and 17-Year-Olds the Right to Vote in the UK if Elected appeared first on Breitba...Read More
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President Joe Biden promised to designate Kenya as a “Major Non-NATO ally” during a state visit by Kenyan President William Ruto on Thursday. The post Biden Desperately Upgrades Ties with Kenya amid Africa Debacles appeared first on Breitbart. ...Read More
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China stepped up its “punishment” military drill around Taiwan on Friday, staging mock missile attacks and bombing runs. The post China Stages Missile Strikes and Bombing Runs on Taiwan Using Jets Loaded with Live Weapons appeared first on Breitbart. ...Read More
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Former President Donald Trump has the edge over President Joe Biden nationally in both a deep field and a two-way race, per an Emerson poll. The post Poll: Donald Trump Has Edge on Joe Biden Nationally as 1 in 4 Democrats Want Different Nominee appeared f...Read More
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China held a "tourism leadership summit" to entice Americans to spend their money in China, featuring an invite from Xi Jinping. The post Xi Jinping Invites American Tourists to Save Tanking Chinese Economy appeared first on Breitbart. ...Read More
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose EV company is deeply involved in Communist China, recently expressed his disapproval of the recently announced 100 percent tariff on Chinese-made electric vehicles during the VivaTech conference this week. The post Comrade Elon:...Read More