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Five Stupid Things the Left Would Have You Believe

Five examples of moronic things to which you are demanded to subscribe.

  1. “Our Violence Is Speech. Your Speech Is Violence.”
  2. Gender Is Not Sex, You Bigot
  3. When We Stop Inflating the Currency, Our Inflation Isn’t a Problem Anymore
  4. “Queers for Palestine”
  5. No Guns for You, But Our People Go Around Strapped to the Gills

Source: Five Stupid Things the Left Would Have You Believe – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Landowner Near Texas Border Wall Notes Rise of Migrants Trying to Cross Border Since Biden Took Office

The square in downtown Juarez, Mexico, the city center, is full of people, but many of these people are not from Mexico.  They are from all over central America and even as far away as Africa and the Middle East. These migrants remain in Mexico under the policy that was started under President Donald Trump. That policy is likely to be going away very soon, but so far these people are still stuck here on the Mexican side of the border.